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by CDQ2691

Wow! She's finally here! An excellent job! It is a very good half-body drawing! Proportions are good and I love the shading of purple a...

by CDQ2691

Well, will you look at THIS! I'm glad that you decided to draw stella again! I was missing your brs art! :) What can I say, it looks won...



What Have I Done?
Just a thought that I had:
Can you imagine coming back to your senses just to find out that you beat half to death and nearly killed that single person that means more to you than anything else in the world?
Wow! She's finally here! An excellent job! It is a very good half-body drawing!
Proportions are good and I love the shading of purple and blue that you made on her hair as well as the light effect on her shirt! Good colouring of her claw and eyes too! Even the infamous static effect is much better than your last creation. I'm happy to see that you also improved your shading on the skin! Totally approves.
The only thing I would improve is the definition of the lines of her nose, cleavage and collarbone.
Her chin is a bit pointy in my opinion, but that depends on your style :)
Well, will you look at THIS! I'm glad that you decided to draw stella again! I was missing your brs art! :)
What can I say, it looks wonderful! One can clearly notice your big improvements compared with your past drawings! The anatomy and pose are both perfect and you made a good job with her expression! You got much better at colouring too I see, judging by the neat light reflection and shading on her hair and clothes! :)
The only advice I have is that maybe, with the kind of light colouring you use, you should use a less rough paper, to get rid of that slight static effect when you use black :)
OC: Lene the Death Fairy
Hiya everyone!

Today's an important day for me, as I am posting an original character of mine for the first time!

Despite her brutal appearance, I deemed my little Lene fitting for the contest that :iconsketch75: and :iconmermain123: issued on their cool group :iconmagical-girl-central: about the best magical girl! I want to thank you two for accepting my partecipation and giving me a chance to draw her, it was crazy fun and a lot of practice with colours :)

I am actually trusting the artists of the deviantart community here, so please do not use or reproduce this image or character without my express permission.
Character belonging to Ludra90

Now, as the contest requires, I'll write down here her character backstory. Even though I tried to be as concise as possible, it's still a sh*tload of stuff to read, so feel free to skip it and just enjoy the drawing itself :)


In the fantasy-type world of my story, Lene is a 17 years old actress belonging to a famous street circus that travels from city to city to offer its performances to the citizens. Among these, the most popular is a hero show for kids in which Lene plays the role of Queen Darklice, the main villainess who opposes the heroes of the show. Despite the apparent good-heartedness of the circus’ environment, Lene’s off-stage life is entirely different. In fact the girl suffers from the relentless abuse of the master of the circus, Vesuvio, a mangiafuoco-like figure which is also Lene’s father. Vesuvio works his daughter to the bone for the sake of the show's performance, letting her being humiliated and ridiculized as defeated villain in front of the audience. He also resorts to ruthless and cruel acts like shaping her teeth into fangs with a file and mix small amount of poison into her food to make her skin look sickly pale, all in order for her to acquire a more ‘evil’ look for her character. The reason while Lene endures the abuse is because of her father's threats of throwing her out on the street shall she disobey, affirming that with her fiery red hair, pale skin and translucent blue eyes, she would undoubtedly be accused of being a witch and burned alive. She also desperately hopes that her father would honour a promise that once he made to her, by which he stated that if she did everything he said, he would allow her to play the role of a good fairy in the show, which is Lene’s greatest dream. Unfortunately, Vesuvio has no intention to keep the promise.

Unbeknown to anybody, Lene possesses very faint telekinetic powers, with which she can barely move small ojects, but is too afraid to tell, fearing her father’s reaction. This power is eventually discovered by Armonia, the main protagonist of my story, which is interested in Lene and would like to be her friend. After finding out the horrible abuse of Vesuvio towards Lene, Armonia tries to convince her run away, but Lene refuses, because her father told her that he wanted to add a change to the show and finally making her character turn good.

Sadly, things turn to the worst when Armonia and Lene incidentally find out that Vesuvio is planning the ultimate defeat of Lene’s character against the hero, followed by her becoming good and demise, which implies the real death of Lene, in order to give a perfect end to the show and to get rid of an ‘over-used’ character.

When Lene confronts her father about all of this, he tells her that it would be a waste of money to keep taking care of her, since with her horrid face, she can play only the villainess, and that she should be grateful that she gets to have a touching death on the stage, instead of dying like her mother, whom he burned alive himself because he found out about her telekinetic powers.

After hearing this, Armonia uses her powers to corrupt Lene’s telekinesis, increasing its power a thousandfold, allowing a completely broken Lene to savagely murder her father along with the rest of the circus crew.

Not having anywhere else to go, Lene decides to join Armonia’s army, obtaining the rank of 3rd general thanks to her new powerful telekinesis. Armonia offers her to play the role of the fairy, like she always wanted, on the condition that it would be an evil fairy. She firsty accept with dismay, but finally embrace her new character. Hence Death Fairy is born.



Thanks to Armonia’s powerburst, Lene is probably the most powerful telekineticist on earth. She uses the versatility of her powers to perform attacks that resembles real magic and, since her telekinesis is so powerful that it actually allows her to bend light, she is able to add all the effects befitting a real spellcaster. Her powers are virtually infinite, but they causes great strain on her body the more intensely she uses them, and being fed poison for years has made her constitution quite weak. Therefore an overuse of her power could cause heavy damages to her internal organs and even death by internal bleeding.

Years of training granted Lene impressive acting skills, which allow her to play the part of any kind of character.

Despite when playing Death Fairy she adopts the role of an insane, cruel and sadistic witch, behind her acting mask Lene is a caring, positive and almost mother-like figure. Unfortunately, years of abuse from her father left its mark on her mind, and because of that, she considers pain and injuries to herself while acting as something natural.  

The Alien and the Scientist
Guess who's baaaaack! Back again!

Seriously, what's with me and drawing chicks stealing men's coats?!

This time the subjects of this round of BRS art are White rock shooter and Professor Gibson from Black rock shooter the game!
In reality, this was supposed to be the cover for a comic project about how WRS and Gibson actually met for the first time and got closer. But alas I lack both the skills and the time to realize such thing, even though I have almost the whole plot in my head.

Enjoy! :)


No journal entries yet.


Current Residence: Italy
Favourite photographer: me (in terms of trust XP)
Favourite style of art: traditional
Favourite cartoon character: too many, mostly kuudere and ice queens
Personal Quote: Always make sure to find happiness in small things, because unlike life matters, they're not going to trample you if they fall apart


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